Used LPG Tanks, LPG Filling Plants, LPG Sphere Tanks, Manufacturer, India
LPG Tanks-LPG Domestic Tanks, LPG Storage Tanks, LPG Semi Trailer Tanks, Manufacturer, India
Company Profile
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We manufacture tanks and vessels required for storage and transportation tanks of various liquids and gases like LPG, PROPANE, PROPYLENE, AMMONIA, LIQUIDCARBONDIOXIDE, CHLORINE , HYDROGEN, NITROGEN, OXYGEN, ARGON, SULPHUR DIOXIDE, BUTADINE, ETHYLENE OXIDE AND OTHER GASES , in a wide range of various capacities for use in domestic, industrial and transportation sectors. The manufacturing of these tanks requires special expertise , technology and strict quality control measures. These tanks are manufactured confirming to various design standards like ASME SECT VIII DIV I & II, AD- MERKBLATTER, PD5500, IS2825 and under the stagewise inspection of various third party inspection agencies like DNV, BVIS, TUV, LLOYDS ,PDIL and others.
We also manufacture a wide range of Process Plant Equipments such as Coded Pressure Vessels, Distillation Columns, Towers, Reactors and Heat Exchangers. Also we undertake turnkey projects to construct Fixed & Floating Roof Tanks, Mounded Storage Tanks and Plant Piping.
Our manufacturing facilities are located at Pune 160km. from Mumbai, where all basic infrastructure facilities are available. Over the years the company has transformed itself into an organization with most modern manufacturing works with a highly knowledgeable and experienced manpower. Our facilities are approved by Chief Controller of Explosives and is accredited Dedication to work and deepest commitment to our clients have propelled us to strive and integrate the science of engineering and design with the art of perfect execution, qualitative service and in-time delivery. We are confident of taking up any challenging projects in diversified industrial sector by forging tie-ups with world leaders wherever necessary, to bring in the best and latest technology.
Total Area
93000 sq. ft.
Convered Area
40000 sq.ft.
Maximum thickness of plates which can be rolled
40 mm.
Maximum thickness which can be dished or formed
63 mm.
Maximum thickness which can be welded and radiographed
100 mm.
Maximum lifting capacity
50 mt.
Maximum size vessel which can be stress relieved
4 m dia. X 30 m long.
Type of materials which can be fabricated cand welded
Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Clad Steel, Aluminium Alloy and Non-ferrous Metals.
Type of welding which can be done
Manual Shielded Metallic Arc Welding, Gas Welding, Automatic Submerged Arc Weldng, Metallic Inert Gas Welding & Tungsten Inert Gas Welding.
Codes of Construction
ASME Sec.VIII Div. I & II, BS 1500, BS 1515, BS 5500, BS 2594, BS 2654, API 620, API 650, TEMA, AD Merkblatter & IS Codes.
Type of C Heads Manufactured
Elliptical, Torispherical and Hemispherical.
Maximum size of vessel transportable
Carbon and Low Alloy Steel be oxy-acetylene flame cutting followed by grinding, Stainless Steel and Aluminium by plasme arc / shearing / arc air cutting followed by grinding.
Gamma Ray, X-Ray, Magnetic Particle, Wet Flourescent Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic, Dye Penetrant, Impact, Hardness, Tensile, Elongation, Bend, Chemical, Pneumatic, Vacuum high pressure / high speed hydrostatic.
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